Dixie State University

Risk Management and Safety Services


We provide management and services to promote a safe and healthy environment for the University community in which to learn, work, and create.

We will accomplish our mission through the following main objectives:

  • Identify, evaluate, manage, reduce, recover or eliminate risks to the University and its stakeholders
  • Provide creative community education, emergency management and progressive training
  • Fire and Life Safety prevention through education, permit and plan review, inspections and code compliance
  • Health and Safety support and guidance to university departments and administration


Risk Management

Emergency Management

Fire Marshal

Health & Safety


Josh Thayn

Executive Director (Risk/Emergency Manager & Fire Marshal)

Email: jthayn@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7855

Office: FacMan 148

Sonja Blea

Risk, Emergency & Event Safety Coordinator

Email: Sonja.Blea@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4331

Office: FacMan 152

Don Christensen

Fire & Life Safety Officer (Deputy Fire Marshal)

Email: Don.Christensen@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7722

Office: FacMan 150