Fire Statistics

The Center for Campus Fire Safety – Fire Fatality

The Center for Campus Fire Safety publishes a list of national fire safety statistics. Below are statistics about fires on college campuses across the United States, from January 2000 to present. 84 fatal fires have been documented that occurred on a college campus, in Greek housing or in off-campus housing within 3-miles of the campus – claiming a total of 121 victims
  • 71 fires have occurred in off-campus housing claiming 101 victims
  • 7 fires have occurred in on-campus building or residence halls claiming 9 victims
  • 6 fires have occurred in Greek housing claiming 10 victims

Of the 84 fires documented:

  • 14 were intentionally set claiming 22 victims
  • 36 were accidental – includes cooking, candles, smoking or electrical claiming 49 victims
  • 34 of the fires the cause was never determined – or the cause was not available at press time. These fires claimed 50 victims.