Health and Safety provides services to the university in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety to comply with federal, state, and local regulations and standards. Health and Safety assists with guidance, training, and support to university departments and administration.

Hazardous Materials

For issues, questions and comments concerning hazardous materials, contact Don Christensen, our Fire & Life Safety Officer.

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Dixie State University has a Risk and Safety Committee. Its mission is to promote a safe campus environment and protect the State of Utah and the University from lawsuits and monetary loss due to property damage or theft by reducing risk in our buildings and grounds as well as injury to our students, faculty, staff and other visitors to campus. To do this, we try to limit liability by keeping the campus as safe as possible.

If you are aware of unsafe conditions on campus, please feel free to contact the Risk and Safety Committee with your concerns. It is important to remember that eliminating some unsafe conditions may require significant expenditures, and the University may not have the funding to fix all problems immediately. However, we need to know what the problems are. Forward your concerns to Josh Thayn, our Executive Director, or any member of the Risk Management/Safety Committee. In addition to a safety committee, we also have a Health and Safety Officer. The Safety Officer assists the university with occupational health and safety matters in the work environment.
Josh Thayn

Don Christensen
Committee Members:
Sonja Blea, Seth Gubler, Malinda Whipple, Ron Bridge, Michelle Cabana, Luke Kerouac, Jon Gibb, Katie Bornstein, Samantha Green, Stephen Lee, Travis Rosenberg, Rico Del Sesto, Alex Chamberlain, Susan Caton, Kelly Smith, Lori Mayfield, Moana Hafoka, Jessica Abbott, Karen Bauer, Scott Skeen and DSUSA representative.


Josh Thayn

Executive Director (Risk/Emergency Manager & Fire Marshal)

Email: jthayn@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7855

Office: FacMan 148

Don Christensen

Fire & Life Safety Officer (Deputy Fire Marshal)

Email: Don.Christensen@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7722

Office: FacMan 150

Sonja Blea

Risk, Emergency & Event Safety Coordinator

Email: Sonja.Blea@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4331

Office: FacMan 152