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Risk Management assists the University with identifying, evaluating, and reducing or eliminating risks. When damage or loss occurs, the goal is to protect the University and obtain insurance recovery in a timely manner.

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The insurance agency for Dixie State University is Utah State Risk Management, a division of the State of Utah government. There are very few non-negotiable rules set by Risk Management at the State level — we are asked to use our discretion when deciding what risks to take, and we take a moderate approach.

One way we are able to reduce our risk to some extent is to use waivers, documents signed by individuals, (normally students) which clearly states that the activity they are about to participate in has risks or can be dangerous, and that DSU will not accept any responsibility for injuries or death resulting from the activity.

These waivers are valuable because they are a vehicle to inform participants of possible risks involved in an activity and to notify them that there is no insurance to cover any injuries. In addition, they can provide protection for the University in a legal action if there were an injury to a participant.

Our office has standardized online waivers to be utilized on our website. They may also be requested to be modified for your use. All other waivers should be reviewed and/or approved by the Risk Manager prior to use. It’s important to note that a person under the age of 18 may not sign a waiver because they are not of legal age. Students or guests under the age of 18 would need an onsite parental/legal guardian signature.

Dixie State University (DSU) does not carry health insurance for students or visitors. However, it is highly recommended that all students have health insurance coverage either through their family’s medical plan or a privately purchased health insurance plan. Furthermore, accidents and/or liability of incidents should be reported without any admission of fault, error or responsibility so it can be evaluated or investigated and handled by a DSU Risk Management official. DSU is usually only responsible or liable in a case of negligence.

If an accident, injury, or medical emergency where to happen or is witnessed, please follow emergency procedures and if warranted call 911. Injuries to employees are to be reported via the incident report and refereed to the Human Resources Office immediately.  All Worker’s Compensation claims are handled through DSU Human Resources.

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Josh Thayn

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Fire & Life Safety Officer


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Administrative Assistant


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